Management Service Options

Management Service Financial Options

Financial options that work in line with your needs

In a cost conscious environment, we have a duty to ensure that all services purchased by you deliver real value for money. Sure Corporate Travel Management companies will analyse your needs and travel history, and develop a negotiated and custom solution specifically suited your company’s requirements. 

Non-automated management programmes

Transaction or “Trip Bundle” based management fee plan.

The customer is charged a fee for each transaction; the fee may apply individually to air, hotel, car-rental or other standard commodity, or a single fee may be applied per “trip bundle” inclusive of each commodity.

The rate charges vary dependant upon the complexity of the service.

Domestic bookings in S Africa incur less complexity and are accordingly charged at a lower rate.

International trips involve greater complexity and attract a higher charge.

Fixed monthly Travel Management Service retainer

The customer is charged a fixed retainer for the provision of a comprehensive travel management service. Contracts may be agreed upon for a minimum period of 12 months, up to three years. An annual review would be carried out in order to measure expenditure against actual travel spend during that period. The retainer is customized to each customer’s individual requirements based on historical and predicted future travel patterns and expenditure. All of the services may be included within a retainer, or alternatively, only “core services” may be included with “non-core services” attracting transaction fees. An optional incentive plan based on cost savings may be incorporated into the agreement.


Automated Travel Management Solution

Travel Management System or "Self Booking Tools" offer significant savings through increased process efficiency and on-line presentation of procurement information. Cost structures will be created on an individual basis subsequent to completion of a detailed, collaborative needs analysis.

Automated travel system costs are broken down into the following main categories:

  • Monthly system subscription.
  • Site development and implementation.
  • User training.
  • Transaction fees.
  • Optional Customized interfaces to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, Oracle.
  • Transaction fees will be broken down by categories such as:
  • Low Touch transactions (Fully automated with no travel consultant intervention)
  • Hi Touch transactions (Manual intervention by travel consultant)
  • Non automated facilities such as Visa & Passport services, transfers, entertainment, and similar off-line service provision.