Travel Policy and SLA

Travel policy– a guideline that communicates to travellers what travel options are acceptable, generally set in line with company culture. Travel Policies will include far more than  selected suppliers, and should encompass categories such as Safety, Health, payment methods, and environmental policy.

Service Level Agreements – Set a clear framework of measureable service delivery standards and expectations from which travellers, travel bookers, authorizers, managers, and travel company consultants can work within to achieve an effective travel programme. SLAs are aligned to Travel Policy and should be reviewed regularly along with the Travel Policy.   


Controlling Travel Costs

Travel management is fundamentally about control.

Who controls the decisions about where, how and which airlines to book.  Who controls how travel is paid, and who is authorised to travel. Who manages the risk and duty of care aspect of business travel.

For companies that need a high level of influence over their travel spend, the most effective mechanism for controlling the numerous travel elements is the company travel policy. Travel policies are designed to outline the rules and guidelines within which travelers receive reimbursement for expenses related to travel on the company’s behalf. Travel Policy is the key to any managed travel program and is one area in which a company has an opportunity to define its management style, "corporate personality",and relationship with its employees.

Travel Policy compliance.

Travel policy sets the parameters for multiple elements, including timing and method of travel arrangements, payment options, spending thresholds, choice of supplier products and services, and traveller safety.

Among the primary reasons for seeking compliance to policy is to support negotiated supplier contracts, in order to maximize the company’s ability to negotiate discounted rates with preferred suppliers and reduce expenses by using the appointed travel agency and all preferred travel product suppliers.”

The key to successful and effective travel management lies in the development and maintenance of a strong, enforceable Travel Policy. Travel Policy is closely linked to your company’s “culture” and this should always be taken into consideration when creating your policy.

Sure Corporate Travel companies will work with you to develop a strong, comprehensive policy that works for your company, its travellers, and the bottom line. Service Level Agreements will be based on Travel Policy, allowing regular reviews of performance metrics.