Managed Business Travel

Business travel management - also referred to as corporate travel management - is a strategic approach that businesses take to better understand their travel spending behaviour, control expenses, and help ensure traveller safety. Though travel management programs vary from company to company, most normally include:

Travel Policy - a guideline that communicates to travellers which travel options the company considers to be acceptable.

Reporting and Analysis - collecting and summarizing traveller booking data to understand both how travellers spend the company’s money, and the effectiveness of the company’s travel policy.

Preferred rates - usually a direct agreement between a company and a travel provider (like an airline or hotel chain) for a specific discount based on volume or frequency of travel.

Sure Corporate provides both technology and professional travel insight and guidance that help companies achieve their travel management goals.

Sure Corporate solutions are delivered by owner managed businesses which are able to build a very detailed understanding of your company and its needs. Whilst we advocate extensive use of technology to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, we do not lose sight of the fact that successful travel programmes depend upon effective, regular, and positive interraction between travel company staff and their travellers, and travel arrangers.