Risk Management

Travel Risk Management

Travel can expose companies and employees to higher than normal risks, and unmanaged travel could result in unacceptable consequences.

Selection of proven, safe and suitable airlines, hotels, event organisors, and other transportion and miscellaneous service providers is essential.

Internal risk management policies applied to Directors, Senior Managers, and employees should be carried through to the company travel policy, and should be applied to any conferences and events held by the company.These policies could include limitations of the number of personnel travelling on any flight or other  transportation system, grading of destination countries according a pre-prescribed matrix, and implementation of crisis management procedures.

Sure Corporate will assist you in preparing tavel policies that minimise risk exposure and maximize safety, security, comfort, and overall traveller welfare.

Financial Risk

Policies should also cover stability and quality of supplier companies in order to minimize financial risks. Travel Policy should include measures to ensure that abuse of business travel is avoided.Sure Corporate will assist you in developing systems to minimize all forms of travel related risk.