Traveller Welfare

Traveller Welfare and Duty of Care

Companies operating in South Africa have legal obligations to their employees and should act in a manner that avoids the risk of injury.  When travelling overseas on behalf of their employer, travellers are exposed to potential acts of  terrorism,  crime, natural disasters, disease, and accidental injury.  Companies that do not display reasonable Duty of Care strategies could find themselves liable for damages or even criminal suits.

Sure Corporate will assist you in the implemention or development of your company's Duty of Care travel policy. 

A Duty of Care culture enhances the employees’ travel experiences and contributes to employee satisfaction and retention.

Employees should be briefed before departure on destination information and any risks associated with the destination.

Systems should be implemented that allows real time traveller tracking should an unforeseen incident occur.

Agreements with specialist companies that offer extraction services, medical and otherwise, are recommended.

Duty of Care is a component of risk management, Human Resource Policy, and good governance generally.

Duty of Care policies should cover:

  • Political and Terrorism risks in the region.
  • Kidnap and crime risk assessment.
  • Traveller Tracking in Real Time.
  • Driving guidelines for foreign countries, and avoidance of driving in foreign countries immediately after  lengthy air journeys.
  • Behaviour guidelines for countries with social and cultural acceptable practice legislation.
  • Emergency or incident response procedures, including appointed response team and contact details.
  • 24 hour support line with travel agency.
  • Training in crisis management planning and response.