Management Information

While your money is flying - we provide tracking and control.

Sure Corporate Management Information will:

  •  Ascertain travel spend.
  • Establish travel patterns.
  • Monitor adherence to the travel policy.
  • Identify areas for Travel Policy improvement.
  • Identify future savings opportunities.
  • Measure success in cost reduction objectives
  • Allow accurate planning and budget forecasting.
  • Promote effective negotiation with suppliers.
  • Compare actual savings to potential savings.

Financial Administration

Sure Corporate Travel Companies will assist in the management and control of your travel expenditure. We assist in obtaining and managing your lodged card, bill-back systems, invoicing, and management information reporting. Data is collected automatically from our back-office systems by the Management Information Software.

Innovative Reporting

Online reporting provides the near real-time insight you need to monitor your business travel programme, enabling you to identify cost savings opportunities and make adjustments to your travel programme and plan future budgets.

Online Travel – Self Booking

Use our Travel Management Systems(Self Booking Tools)to show the difference between the ticketed fare and the lowest available fare at the time of booking and highlight savings opportunities before travel.

Our Travel Management Systems offer Management Information on policy compliance, traveller trends, savings reports against actual fares offered t time of booking and much more.

On Demand Access to Data

Sure Corporate Travel Management Companies offer the Gottmi on-line Management Information System. Gottmi allows financial and travel administrators to view travel spend reports and invoices in real time on-line.

This data is updated daily to your company’s account and is always available online for accurate, up-to-date reporting and analysis.

Custom Report formats

Track all elements of your travel programme with customisable online reports. Analyse data at any level ranging from a company overview to detailed analysis of individual divisions, regions , or travel category.