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Amadeus e Travel Management

Online Purchasing

On line booking with Sure Corporate electronic travel management.

Sure Corporate holds an Amadeus e Travel Management (AeTM) reseller license, and is one of only two travel companies in South Africa with this capability.

Sure Corporate also offers Travelport KDS Portal and Travelsoft IBE as Corporate on-line Self Booking solutions.

Travel management systems assist in bringing structure, transparency, and management control to your travel policy.

Air Travel
Each flight search displays multiple flight options in seconds, with filters making it simple to narrow search results. Relevant flights are sorted and clearly marked to guide travellers to compliancy with travel policy. All flight searches can be set to return the lowest price options in all cases.

Travellers can search for hotels by city and hotel chain, and filters can be set for in-policy properties. Our technology offers views of  hotel properties,  maps, and photos.

Car Rental
Rental car reservations can be completed in a quickly and easily, with results displayed for all suppliers , or filtered to display your preferred “in-policy” suppliers. 

Travel schedules and records at your fingertips
Each traveller and travel arranger has access to a summary of all planned, pending,  and completed trips. This facility gives an insight into future travel planned, in addition to the historical reports.

Amadeus e Travel Management (AeTM) is a leading-edge online solution that enables businesses large and small, to manage their corporate travel programs efficiently and consistently. .


  • Travel Managers: have complete administrative control making implementation and management of travel policies and travellers, locally and worldwide.
  • Travellers: have control over travel arrangements through localized content and a user friendly, easy to use interface which allows for more choice and less time spent arranging travel bookings.
  • Financial Management: AeTM delivers unrivalled financial control through effective reporting and cost management tools.