What makes Sure Corporate special

Sure Corporate is the only independent corporate travel specialist brand in South Africa. Our owner-managers place great value on their long-term customer relationships, and the group is particularly strong in the SME market.

Sure Corporate companies handle travel accounts ranging from Top 100 JSE companies, through to small and start-up businesses.

Sure Corporate travel companies offer a powerful fusion of superior personal service and top technology which helps companies control and reduce travel spend while our owner-manager business model allows us to be professional and efficient without being impersonal.

Our highly trained staff of experienced, motivated, professional managers and consultants maintains continual contact with travellers and travel arrangers. Through this interaction we are able to develop a full understanding of travellers’ needs and expectations so as to add value wherever the opportunity arises.

Our human and intellectual assets, combined with our world class technology, provide your company with the top line solutions required to deliver bottom line benefits.

Travel is a people business: let our people look after your people when they travel.